6G technology: A New Revolution of the World 2021-2030

There are still areas and entire countries that 4G has not reached and 5G is already in full swing. And when there is still only a small part of the world population with access to 5G, the first voices and data are beginning to be heard about what will be 6G technology in its day. While some estimate that it will arrive in 2028, like Samsung, Huawei delays its appearance until 2030. The fact is that, as is happening now with 5G, when it arrives it will revolutionize the world of telecommunications again.

6G Technology

Difference between 4G, 5G and 6G: –

6G, as its name suggests, is the sixth generation of mobile connectivity. According to TechRadar, it is not yet clear what final format it will have until it is standardized, but some data on this technology can already be offered. As it seems obvious, its main difference from 5G will be speed. It will use more advanced radio equipment and a greater volume and diversity of airwaves than 5G. In addition, it will use extremely high-frequency spectrum (EHF) waves that offer very high speeds and great capacity over short distances.

While 4G speeds were talked about in terms of Megabits, 5G is managing to overcome the Gigabit barrier. And everything indicates that the 6G can achieve speeds that are measured in Terabits. At least in theory, since those that will reach most users may exceed 100 Gbps, yes, but despite this speed will mean a significant speed improvement for them.

Advantages of 6G Technology: –

In terms of coverage, the 6G will revolutionalize the new era. 6G satellite technology and smart surfaces capable of reflecting electromagnetic signals will offer low latency and multi-gigabit connectivity even to parts of the world that have hitherto been very difficult or expensive to reach with conventional mobile networks. On the other hand, while 5G already allows taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence for optimization. Further, the location of dynamic resources and data processing, the extremely low latency that 6G will have, of less than a millisecond. Its distributed architecture will mean that 6G will be able to bring to life an integrated and ubiquitous intelligence. NTT DoCoMo even believes that 6G will allow the arrival of Artificial Intelligence that is like that of the human brain.

The 6G will also be more efficient than the 5G and will consume less energy. Their faster speeds, higher capacity, and lower latency will free applications from the limitations of on-premises processing power, connect more devices to the network, and blur the lines that separate the physical, human, and digital worlds. All in addition to significantly transforming existing services.

In addition, it will enable context-dependent digital services and location, as well as sensory experiences such as truly immersive extended reality and high-fidelity holograms. Thus, instead of making a video conference, it will be possible to speak with people in real-time through virtual reality, using wearable sensors. Users of this type of system have the physical sensation of being in the same room as the person you are talking to.

6G Technology

Implications of 6G Technology: –

Another sector that will experience a breakthrough when 6G arrives is the Internet of Things. This will enable to provide applications with more data and capabilities. Real-time Artificial Intelligence could transform robotics, while the spread of 6G everywhere could help connect maritime, aviation and even space applications.[More info]

It’s perfectly normal to start looking at what 6G technology might include because this will take a while to develop.

On the other side, there are some predictions circulating about the speed of 6G. Some of the experts have predicted that the speed could be around 8000 Gigabytes per second. For example, the users of Netflix can relate it to download a movie of 142 hours just in one second.

Similarly, features other than speed may include, robots will work as human as an advance form of Artificial Intelligence. Countries may announce a smart cities concept to improve security systems.

Leaders of New Technology: –

Currently, there are several, public and private funding projects working on the development of 6G around the world. One of the main ones is the 6Genesis project, which has 251 million euros of financing. This is being developed in Oulu, a town in northern Finland where several projects related to the development of mobile networks have already been developed.

Meanwhile, China has already launched a 6G satellite into space. Samsung and Nokia are at the forefront of 6G-related research efforts in South Korea and Europe, respectively. In the UK, companies are working on the main 6G-related to develop at the 6G Innovation Center (6GIC) at the University of Surrey.

Final Words: –

Companies like Nokia, Samsung, Ericson, Cisco has started working back in 2019. Even many companies dedicated specific budget and teams to this technology. Obviously, all of this is due to stepping up as the leader and getting the first-mover advantage.

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