Android Future Technologies: Android Wear, TV, Auto

Android is the most widely deployed operating system of all time for mobile phones. Unlike others, you can use this by more than one company when making their smartphones. But in the Android universe, there is more: we have Android Wear, TV and Auto. These three android future technologies that come to revolutionize the world of watches, televisions and cars.

android future technologies

1) ANDROID WEAR [Android Future Technologies]: –

Perhaps of the three technologies, this is the most widespread, perhaps due to its low price compared to the remaining two. Android Wear aims to make your life easier and more productive thanks to the fact that we will have a small version of our phone much closer to hand, more specifically on the wrist.

Android Wear Functions: –

And yes, from giving time Android Wear has many more functions. These are some of them:

1) Give commands using voice commands, for example, add a reminder, start a race, Google something or play a song.
2) View information quickly through cards in the main menu.
3) Interact with our phone by adding alarms or taking photos remotely.
4) Install applications and games from the mobile to be able to use them on the watch.
5) Although at first, it seems a device that will not be used much over time. Once you get used to performing tasks in a simple way from it, it will be very difficult to stop using them. In short, it is not essential but it is useful.

Currently, there are numerous models and although at the hardware level they are very similar, each one has a different design.

2) Android TV: –

It is not the first time that we see how Google puts effort into televisions. We already have 2 generations of the Chromecast, a device the size of keys that allows for 40 euros to send content from our mobile phone to our television. Although Chromecast and Android TV are two very similar things, we don’t think Chromecast development is going to stop because of the rise of Android TV, not just yet.

Android Functions: –

With Android TV we can do amazing things like:

1) Search for what we want through voice, something we already saw on Apple TV.
2) As we did with Chromecast, we can send content to our television from our smartphone, tablet or computer.
3) Play video games with higher quality, continue where you left off on your phone or take advantage of the big screen to play a multiplayer game. This enables to use of a smartphone as a gamepad in many games.
4) You can find Android TV on the new TVs from Sony, Philips, the Nexus Player and the NVIDIA Shield.

3) ANDROID AUTO [Android Future Technologies]: –

Of these three projects, this is the one that Google has less implemented, and not because it does not put an effort. But because the price of the cars is much higher than the price of the previous gadgets.

One of the biggest problems with a mobile operating system is that it can increase our distraction on the road. To do this, Google has created a simple and intuitive system with steering wheel controls and the typical buttons built into the steering wheel.

As we already saw in Android Wear, in Android Auto we will also have a series of cards where it will inform us about what it considers most relevant while you are driving: route back home, reminders, incoming calls, etc.

Besides being able to access Google Maps, we can play music on our favourite players such as Play Music or Spotify, make calls and messages without letting go of the wheel.

Of course, our safety is vital, which is why we enter into the ethical dilemma of whether we should continue to advance this type of automotive technology because a simple distraction can lead to a terrible accident. Obviously, these technologies will continue to be updated and we hope that they will implement new functions to protect the road user as well.

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