Deezer Premium APK (Full Unlocked, No Ads) 2021

If you love to listen music online for free, go and download Deezer Premium APK latest version here below to listen all premium music, enjoy and share with your loved ones.

deezer premium apk


There are many hobbies you can adopt and listening to music is the one of them. Music has many impacts in a person’s life. First, it is source of entertainment by relaxing mind and distracting mind for some time from daily life problems and issues. Secondly, it also reduces anxiety or some sort of depression by listening to soothing tunes. Thirdly, you can also enjoy and celebrate your happiness and making that happiness double by listening to some high tunes.

Deezer Premium Music app is also like other famous music streaming app Spotify, Amazon Premium and Apple Music etc. which provide you premium quality music with a lot of great features. Though these all applications have some unique kind of features but Deezer also has some like you can download the music to listen that in offline mode.

There are some other good features of Deezer Mod APK which we also explain later in this article. You can read that till the end. You can also download Deezer premium APK here.

App NameDeezer Premium
DeveloperDeezer Mobile
Size26 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0+

Deezer Premium Music APK:

As of now, Deezer Premium a French online music company has over 100 million google play store downloads only. And currently it has around 56 million collection of songs, podcasts, and playlists. Due to this huge collection people are liking is increasing day by day. It is now currently being used in more than 180 countries via premium and free version. There are more than 14 million monthly active users with 30,000 radio channels available. You can discover and listen your favorite radio channel show or podcast.

Deezer Premium APK (For Windows, Android, iOS Users):

Deezer Premium Music Company was first started in 2007 and with in a few years it got hit in streaming music industry due to its collection, features, and data updating sources. It has also given old antique kind of music which even other premium applications do not have. You can use Deezer Premium on all type of systems like windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and Mac OS by direct application or through android emulator.

deezer premium apk

Deezer Premium Songs, Playlist, Podcasts:

You can create your own playlist while choosing according to your own choice. This app also recommends songs as per your search and listening history and then you may add that too in your playlist. You will just need to press the play button to listen the music of your own choice.

There is maximum limit of 6 users for one Premium Account and while using these combined users account you can share the songs and playlist with other users to enjoy the music while saving your time too. You can add or delete tracks from your existing playlist to modify that list according to your mood and taste. You can also choose Deezer Student Plan at half price if you cannot afford the plan price. There are various kind of plans like Family Plan, Student Plan, Hi-Fi Plan. In Hi-Fi plan you can use in Deezer Premium Music player can be used in T.V and car.

Deezer Free Account:

You can start Deezer Free account in start than may convert to premium one. Through Deezer Free account you may check the whole app main features like track skip option, hit songs recommendations, radio channel available. Still there are many features which you will miss in Free Account will get that in Premium Account.

deezer pemium apk

Deezer Free Account vs Deezer Premium Version:

  • Unlimited Skips:

You can get 6 skips per hour in tracks if you are in Deezer Free Version but in Deezer Premium Version you will get unlimited skips in all songs, podcasts, and playlists.

  • Ads Free Music:

When you register a Deezer Free account there are some ads during streaming which you must watch but in Premium Account there is no advertisement. You can enjoy Premium Account while downloading the modified APK version for free.

  • Offline Mode Use:

There is a great option in the Premium Account version that you can download the tracks or podcasts which you love the most and can listen to them later while staying in offline mode. This great feature also saves your online internet data consumption on listening to that track song again and again.

  • Better Sound Quality:

Deezer Premium Account has better sound quality than Free Account. In the free version, most of the songs are in the MP3 version and due to this, users like to use the premium account for a better quality of 320 kBps.

  • Tracks Shuffling:

Deezer Premium account gives an option to shuffle the songs as per your mode and choice of the playlist too. This option is not available in the Free Account version. In Deezer Premium APK you can get all these options for free.

  • Compatible Devices:

The free account also lacks here as you can connect Deezer Premium Account with your Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. You can control the app through your voice without touching your device whether it is an iPhone or an Android cell phone.


Deezer Premium Music mod APK:

This is the modified and cracked version of Deezer Premium Music Player in which you can get the Premium version for free. The App was hacked and modified by an unknown hacker through which you can use the premium feature without paying anything for registering the plan.

In the original version, the plan price starts from $14.99 and if you can pay that amount for using these premium application features then we have also given the link of the original app so that you can subscribe through that link. Then the other version of this is modified Premium APK. You can download that from the link above.

Other APK’s Available:

How to install Deezer Premium Music mod APK:

Here we are giving step by step guide for you so that you can install and use this Premium mod APK version in your system. You can use this app without any further app changes. But for iPhone users, there is no specific modified version available instead you may use this version by installing an android emulator on your device.

Step 1: Download Deezer Premium modified APK in your device from the button given below.

Step 2: Then go to the device setting > security > device administrator to enable the installation from the third-party sources. Then your device would be able to install an app other than the Google play store.

Step 3: From the File Manager of your device, where you have saved the Deezer Premium APK, click the application to start the installation.

Step 4: The installation process will take some time as per the device processor. Just wait for that time then enjoy the premium music for free.

Final Verdict:

We have given all information relevant to Deezer Premium Music Player for both the original and mod APK version. You can download your favourite application to listen to and enjoy premium quality music. If you found any problem in downloading the mod APK then you can comment in the post below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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